Volunteer Screening

Screening Services for Organizations & Non-Profits

When people volunteer, they expect to work in a safe atmosphere. When people are under the care of a volunteer, they expect to receive the highest level of protection. That is why it is important to screen all of the volunteers who participate in your organization.

We offer screening services for various organizations including:

  • Youth sports
  • Churches
  • Community Programs
  • Charities
  • Non-profit Organizations.

Contact one of our Certified Screening Specialists today to discuss your needs and set up your free account.


Pricing varies based on how in-depth the search needs to be. We do offer discounts to many charities and non-profit organizations. Contact us today for a more detailed price quote and be sure to ask what discounts your organization may qualify for.

Opening an account is an easy 1-2-3 process.

Fill out the new client packet. Once the new client packet is processed, your company will be provided a username and password (Please see the client log-in page to see how we can have different levels of users based on your business size).
Log-In using your username and password and input the applicants name and information. In this phase, you will upload the signed authorization form.
Check back on the log-in page in 24-72 hours and view your completed background report.